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I just want to inspire…


Lately, I found out playing with photos via tool palette of canon; that gives an eccentric look, I’ll publish the photos in Instagram as well. This is really the fun part. On the other hand, I’m getting critics as well as some motivating words. The thing is that I’m warming up into this photo publishing issue, every day I’m learning something new and that’s exciting. But as I want to publish photos every two or three days, it will take time to serve the most quality ones and I really beg for some patience on that. My unique goal is here to inspire first , I am more on the artistic side. I am not a professional poser, I’m not promoting any brand, I don’t sell anything. My only capital is my ever-growing wardrobe and my camera; my biggest investment is my passion…Let’s face it; we live in an egoist world; asking somebody to take a few photos of you is a big deal; people are swept up in their own realities so much that they don’t even see what’s going on around or that something artistic can peacefully change things. But that’s the way how harsh social life is, indeed. I’ve got promising projects about this photography thing and I just need some time and patience; believe me…Yes, I know money talks if you want to get things better; but it’s not always related to this in this case. The unique asset of Picasso and Van Gogh or any such painter was their talent, their uniqueness, their passion to reflect life on painting. That’s what made them unique and timeless…That’s the point actually that I’d like to catch…Many regards to anyone who’s following this blog…Stay tuned !

double breast


  1. Tuğrul G

    You do inspire actually with your confidence. You take it easy and motivate all. As I get it, you mean not being perfect but being real and yourself is important. Appreciate that..

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