Ottoman Dandy

My own Ottoman Collection


The idea of combining Ottoman-inspired handmade antiques and anatolian rugs with my own brand new stylish items came into sight when I recalled seeing some shoe boutiques in Italy, decorated with anatolian rugs; this colorful scene was serving as a base for photographing their items. As I’m a huge fan and collector of rugs and antiques, I already have the decoration. The pocket square, the tie, the shoes etc all are elegant and that sort of styling photography gives it more elegance and a classy flair. Well, astonished by the result , I’m proud to share these photos and I’m striving for more…This is leading me to an interesting, yet a very exciting project…








    • Yes digger, all seems to have calmed down…There will be elections some 7 months later…What’s more intriguing is that , by the sign of the FED , all emerging markets , in fact all markets got collapsed . USD is booming !

  1. i love the shoes. esp the blue ones. what do you call that color? icy blue ?
    not sure about the tie though. it didn’t seem dandy enough to me πŸ™‚
    pocket square too is beautiful.

  2. yes, the project might be interesting indeed…:)
    I would avoid using the flash light…it kills everything….! what kind of camera do you have? can you use it manually? with all that colors and beautiful motives it’s such a pitty using a flash! try also to not overcharge the compositions, atleast you’re not going for more complexe & barroque ideas (see the ETRO style)…if you must puplicize the shoes, they must be “the core” of the pics…:)
    for the rest, LONG LIVE CREATIVITY…!
    Have a great evening, Luana

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