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Frutti di Mare (Seafood) and Stylish Menswear


Of course, If you are on a visit to Italy, this means that you will really eat some fine food. Well, I’m a huge fan of Frutti di Mare (seafood) , fortunately Italian cuisine is really good at mixing the seafood and the famous pasta stuff. Linguine alle Vongole and Linguine (spaghetti) allo Scoglio are really good choices for tasting a yummy bite. They usually contain clams, prawns, mussels, calamar and shrimps. In Greece , I tried Shrimp Saganaki, also very delicious, big shrimps showered with tomato sauce,cooked in olive oil with melted feta cheese.


In Roma and Florence (in fact near any big italian cities) , there are outlets of the big labels like Prada, Gucci, Armani etc or they sometimes call it “Designer’s outlet”…They say the prices are almost half, actually I didn’t have the time to visit any of them. But I found out something about these big names. They probably address more to ladies with a wide variety of products. But as for menswear, certainly they have solid quality, but they don’t offer interesting fantasy designs or variety; if you are seeking for some unique items, then you should go and try the boutiques that I talked about in yesterday’s post.






In fact, currently my biggest dream is to participate in Pitti Uomo in January; a Menswear fair which is held every January and June in Florence. This must be a vision widening experience as you can meet anybody in the industry from the big labels to bespoke napolitan sartorias (tailors) and the fashion icons.



  1. You are finally back on my Reader! I lost you for awhile. Ah, Feta! Anything would be tasty with feta melted on it. The shots of the shop windows are very good here. And I love the street shots. I have to visit you blog backwards from this post, I think. πŸ™‚

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