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The legendary vest !


The vest issue has become a passion for me . Yet, however weird it may be, I could barely find a decent vest in Italy, which was engraved with silk on the front side. A real sartorial piece…A real quality vest is very rare on the market, I believe you’d better go for a bespoke tailor for this. It best goes with an extra-slim-fit shirt over dark grey pants or stripe suit is also the best choice. For a more English look , you can try cashmere fabrics, ideal for winter despite giving a senior yet sophisticated look. To sum up , highly recommended these elegant pieces of art , a must-see in every upscale wardrobe…







  1. Us Brits call them waistcoats! A vest is something either stringy or thermal that goes under our outer clothes so we can survive the winters, so reading your post in that light made me smile even more. Oh, and I do love a knitted tie as in the first shot. 🙂

  2. mike wargo

    Always enjoy reading your site. I especially like the vests that have a lapel…very classic. Any idea what brands feature this look? Thanks again.

    • Thank you Mike…Its great to hear from you.
      Well, as I wrote in my post even in Italy it was hard to find a vest , let alone elsewhere…So I strongly recommend working with a tailor; this way you can also chose whatever yarn you want…That’s the best solution for this….

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