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Sartorial philosophy

When I look back to 3 years ago, the days that I started this sartorial journey piece by piece; learning by myself every little trick about dressing and styling up, I find out that the more you see outfit pictures, the more you mix up stuff and try on constantly, the better results you’ll get thanks to the fact that you interiorize the inner logic of the sartorial philosophy. At the end of the day , you should be chosing for yourself the ideal outfit and look. And believe me what you put on must make you feel better and more self-confident. So in fact, it all turns around this philosophy and we should inject this philosophy into people’s minds. So here we go with few pictures that summarize well the core idea of the challenge.









  1. Duccio

    The scarf in the first picture is incredibly beautiful. Does that pattern/style have a name? Or can you tell us where you took that picture?


    • Hi Duccio,
      I don’t think it has a name, but it looks really fantastic. I took these pictures from my tumblr page which is :

      Thanks a lot for commenting
      See you !

  2. I love your philosophy. It makes me smile in a positive way. You are right. I spite I realy love stylish man, and would like to know this all boys and guys, younger and older.
    If you choose right you have high class. Doesn’t matter if you are a clerk, a freelancer, a small or a big entrepreneur or you know what. But dressing with style is a form of respect for others not only for yourself. Pls respect others and offer a nice view in spite of an ugly outfit.

  3. Dear Friend,
    Its been Some time i haven’t updated my blog and i realised that you have not update it as well. I currently got back at updating it, and hope that you do the same. Missed reading the ottomandandy.

    Kind regards

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