Welcome /Bienvenido  !

I wouldn’t guess that the suit I put on that day would pave the way for launching a serious blog for elegance. Thanks to the compliments I received day by day, people around me started approaching me for tips and advices . Then , the circle has grown ,from high level  diplomats to bankers and then the idea flourished to open a blog to publicize my opinions , tips , advice and whatsoever. I hail from Istanbul , the ancient city of empires (such ancient that as you dig the ground , the chances are high that you run into some archeological item ) where once the glamour was the unique scenery. This blog is dedicated to classical men’s elegance with a touch of Middle East , Ottoman , Great Orient or whatever you call it, a sort of East meets West , if you like. What you’ll find in this blog is pure elegant style tips , some icons , images and so on.

Part of our texts will be in Spanish , as we welcome a huge audience from Spain and Latin America. So get a cup of coffee or tea , and slowly scroll the blog…Contact me for any question !

Regards ,

Yasin S . T.



  1. Dear Yasin, after just returning today from your city I want to send you my greetings. I pray you are doing well and feel confident about the future of the region–which I cannot say for many other places.

  2. martinthane

    Wonderful site! I hope I can learn something about proper dressing for men. I always go about casual, and even saying this seems to far-fetched.
    Enhorabuena y prometo seguir sus entradas.

  3. shoppinhour


    you’ve done a great job. very educating site. you always had a refined taste. like you say, the way you dress says a lot about your identity. it’s some form of self-expression. and you have combined in this page elegance, art and philosophy. keep up! so that we can keep on learning 🙂


    • Hey Shopp, what an amazing compliment from you !!!
      It’s a great feeling that we see people getting inspired from Ottoman Dandy. Your comment is a big motivation for me. Stay tuned bro…
      Many regards ,
      Ottoman Dandy

  4. Schopenhauer

    You also know that i’ve been all around with this menswear stuff for some time already. I’ve seen some blogs on this stuff. This is far and away the best men’s style blog I’ve come across…

    It is clear and user-friendly. Also, your interaction with the audience is cool, you have loyal followers as far as I can see…It is a piece of art, for sure…


  5. History, mystery and elegance…While I personally may not have those qualities (I’m a kind of very little to no make-up, blue-jeans, relaxed kind of ‘gal’) – I hope to visit and be inspired poetically by this unique site. I think throughout history the ‘Dandy’ may have gotten a bad rap so to speak kind of like Court Jesters. Neither the Dandy or the Jester were complete fools. And often I believe were able to survive quite nicely by their unique behavior, dress and ability to keep and trade secrets.

    Thank you for the honor of your visit. From south western Pennsylvania, USA.

  6. Great site; after 6 weeks in Istanbul my husband and I agreed Turkish men, especially as they age, are elegant and particularly well-dressed. I will trust your blog for hubby’s fashion decisions as he approaches 50.

  7. Tuğrul G

    Yasin Bey Merhaba, çalışmalarınızı kutlarım, sitenizi şu an yaşadığım Avustralya’da fark ettim, Osmanlı isimli bir bloğun bu kadar popüler olduğunu görünce ne yalan söyleyeyim koltuklarım kabardı. Sizin ülkemizin adını böyle zerafetle duyurmanız yurtdışındaki Türklerin kendini anlatmasına da yardımcı oluyor. Ben burada öğretmenlik yapıyorum ve her fırsatta tarihimizi ve ülkemizi tanıtmaya çalışıyorum, gençler Abdülmecid Efendimizi sitenizde gördüler, merak ettiler, inanın çok sevindim. Allah muvafakiyet versin.

  8. I love all the italian dandy stuff especially their choice of colours but it seems that it’s not for everyone e.g. a dandy look is especially good to be carried off by a tall and slender man.. oh just an idea maybe you can give tips on how different body builds can try to dress (eg how to ‘carry off’ a belly?) and what kind of colour combination men with dark hair and warm skin should choose (eh.. my husband.. 😉 ?

  9. anadinkova

    Hello Yasin,
    What a great blog you have started! I wish you tons of new posts and followers and a lot of inspiration along the way.
    I don’t even recall how I ended up on your page while browsing the net, but I’m so happy I’ve found your page.
    All the best!

  10. What a treat to find your blog! As a woman, I love to see a man’s take on fashion and I can’t wait to see your blog develop! Also, I studied in Istanbul so I love being reminded of the city and its style 🙂

  11. Esra

    At first glance, Aivazovsky. Nice. I saw this “in the flesh” last year. Just as beautiful. Just an amazing. (ps you should go to St Petersburg, Russian Museum for some other treats)

  12. I’m studying at Miami University and I would like to express my affection for your kindheartedness toward students who need help with this particular topic. You have put in an tremendous amount of commitment into these solutions, and it has allowed students in our field to acquire great benefits. Please know that this work means a lot to all of us.

  13. Maggie Beck

    Yasmin, it was a delight to meet you this morning through my post on Tide Line Still Life. Thank you for liking it today, and i have thoroughly enjoyed perusing your blog. love your sense of style! I never cease to be amazed at how very small the world becomes through social media. Best, Maggie

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