Welcome /Bienvenido  !

I wouldn’t guess that the suit I put on that day would pave the way for launching a serious blog for elegance. Thanks to the compliments I received day by day, people around me started approaching me for tips and advices . Then , the circle has grown ,from high level  diplomats to bankers and then the idea flourished to open a blog to publicize my opinions , tips , advice and whatsoever. I hail from Istanbul , the ancient city of empires (such ancient that as you dig the ground , the chances are high that you run into some archeological item ) where once the glamour was the unique scenery. This blog is dedicated to classical men’s elegance with a touch of Middle East , Ottoman , Great Orient or whatever you call it, a sort of East meets West , if you like. What you’ll find in this blog is pure elegant style tips , some icons , images and so on.

Part of our texts will be in Spanish , as we welcome a huge audience from Spain and Latin America. So get a cup of coffee or tea , and slowly scroll the blog…Contact me for any question !

Regards ,

Yasin S . T.



    • Thanks Sandy . Yes , the ruling class used to look like this. They were quite dandy on their looks . Well, you are always welcome in the Ottoman territories whenever you want. Enjoy the glamour !

  1. “I hail from Istanbul , the ancient city of empires (such ancient that as you dig the ground , the chances are high that you run into some archeological item )” Haha! I love this line!

  2. Anna Failla

    Hey Yasin -thank you so much for stopping by! I just had a look at your blog, it’s such a nice one! Great work!
    Wish you a wonderful day and great happiness xx
    Love, Anna

  3. Your blog respond to one of my old wishes. To see an elegant and stylish blog for men. Now I think that is obviously what kind of people I like… more posts about haute couture for men are much more than welcome. Also traditional costume for men from islamic, ottoman and turkish culture are welcome too. I love embroidery, leather etc. Also your nickname reminds me what “dandy” style means for fashion long time ago

    • Adeline , it’s a great honor to be appreciated by such a lady like you who has a real taste for elegance. I am fond of fine arts, maybe this is the reason as an instinct that drove me to launch this blog…As you said , I also love islamic and ottoman arts and ornaments as well as baroque and rococo. Ottaman Dandy is a kind of a fusion of styles in just one person . If you have any opinion or inspiration about anything that you want me to publish , just let me know . It’s a great deal to hear from the audience and take advice.
      Ciao bella !

    • Hola , gracias por tu commentario. Qué lindo es recibir un complimento de una chica elagante como tu ! We’re doing our best to please you . Ciao y un abrazo muy fuerte a Andalucia ! 🙂

  4. Миха александров

    Really liked this blog, gives inspiring ideas. Great combinations, great descriptions, reading them is always pleasure.

  5. Monica

    Dear Yasin,

    Thanks for making these beautiful photos available for us. We have a lot to learn from you regarding how to be elegant and chic. I also would like to take this opportunity to wish you a happy birthday !!!


    • Hi Monica ,
      You are welcome , thank you so much for your best wishes. I imagine that you’re already a refined and elegant lady. Maybe this blog is a proof of my being an Aquarius 🙂 Stay tuned , God bless !!!

  6. Agatha_Dimyatis

    Want to say hello from Ontario. I’m a Greek Canadian and my paternal grandparents were from Istanbul. I remember once seeing a picture of the city very similar to what you have posted on your main page…

  7. wow. gorgeous & funny wrapped up in one? you depict a world of inimitable beauty, style & distinction. if only every single man in american would follow both your blog, and your uber-stylish advice!

  8. Melike Körpeoğlu

    Merhaba, bloğun gerçekten çok kaliteli olmuş, emek verildiği, özen gösterildiği belli. İsmi sevdim: giriş sayfasındaki büyüleyici İstanbul manzarasıyla birlikte içerikdeki estetiğin habercisi. Kombinleri de çok zevkli& ilham verici buldum. Modernle klasiği, Akdeniz’ le Kuzeyi, günümüzle Osmanlı döneminin giyim tarzını art arda koyduğun resimlerle buluşturman da, tıpkı farklı kumaş ve zıt renkleri aynı kıyafetlerde buluşturman gibi sıradışı. Alışılageldik ve kolaya kaçılmış hiç bir çalışmaya rastlamadım ki bence birbirine benzeyen ve şeritleşen bir yığın blogdan farkın bu orijinalliği koruman olacak. Takipçilerinin her geçen gün artmasını ve bu fikirleri günlük giyimlerine yansıtmalarını diliyorum, selamlar.

    • Melike merhaba ,
      Yazdığın kelimeler büyüleyici, adeta şiir gibi yazmışsın. Bu yorumun önünde eğilmemek elde değil. Bu yorumun,bizim misyonumuzun kelimelerde vücüt bulmuş hali. Bunu kesin motto haline getireceğiz, bizim aklımızda, gönlümüzden geçenleri okumuşsun ve çok da güzel özetlemişsin. Bu işin arkasında çok büyük emek ve özen olduğu doğru, takipçilerimizin her geçen gün dünyanın dört bir yanında bize gösterdiği teveccüh katlanarak sürüyor. Alanımızda tekiz evet. Tek kaygımız da sanat ve estetik olduğu için, bu konunun tutkunları bizi fazlasıyla takdir ediyor. Tekrar teşekkürler; bu şiirsel yorumların devamını bekliyoruz. Ayrıca arada bir ingilizce de yazabilirsen bizi ihya edersin, bize bir tavsiyen ya da önerin var mı ? Bize ilham verebilcek bir fikir aklına geldiğinde , çekinmeden bize bildirebilirsin, zaten dört koldan sosyal medyada varız. Çok çok selamlar…
      Ottoman Dandy

  9. Mr. Yasin, I mean Hail Mr. Ottoman. Thank you for leaving your footprints in my post. I am honoured and touched by your presence. Say hello to all the Whirling Dervish for me in Istanbul. There is so much beauty in your country.

  10. alatecablebillisnotdead

    I like Latino/Mediterranean/Persian/Ottoman-looking guys so I really enjoy going through all your photos/posts. Thanks for visiting my blog. 😀

  11. Glad you checked out my blog. Hope to see you back. Love that pix up there. I’ll check later but I bet that is Istanbul. Spent a day and half there once and loved that city and its people….and Efes Beer!

  12. Gilberto

    Hey man this is great blog! I heart a lot of good things about here, you know the job! I sell shirts in Recife, Brazil. I gonna check your blog. Btw my grandparents come from Turkey, its from place called Malatyavm I think, not sure. Greetings from Brazil!

  13. Francis

    That painting and prince which seem to came out of an Eastern fairy tale brought me here. Surprised that you have also posted a lot of stylish modernly dressed men. History, art, fashion, style embodied in one blog. Smart idea.

    • Ms Jagg, hi and welcome,
      It’s a great honor for us to welcome you here such an elegant lady like you. You ‘ll love our blog, no doubt !
      Stay tuned and we wait for your highbrow comments 🙂

    • Nina , I am so much flattered by your comment. Sometimes I fall in despair if this blog can fail and fall apart (you know this feeling of being down ‘n’ out, we all live thru it) , but such comments like yours make me motivated and work more with passion. Your presence here is a great honor for me and a reason why I’m still keeping this blog alive. I extend you a milllion heart-felt thanks…
      Regards to Mexico

  14. Good evening, Yasin,
    I love the painting at the top. Travel and transitions! Is it the Bosphorus Sea?
    I enjoyed reading your humorous well-thought posts on masculine elegance. Such a pleasure!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking the post “In the City … “

  15. Interesting post and food for thought. Jeans are ubiquitous where I come from, but I take your point that ” Denim has a detractive effect on elegance, it reduces your social value.”.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

    Love Denise

  16. I really like the moniker, Ottoman Dandy. Terrific. I’ve been to Istanbul once. It was a lot of fun and the sightseeing was wonderful. One of these days, we’ll be back.

  17. elcidharth

    My dear Yasin S.T,
    I wonder what made you notice by blog. I seldom, if ever, write about fashion, entertainment and such fluffy stuff. However, I do cherish my visit, while a student, to Istanbul. I don’t think you were born at those lazy, hazy, crazy days of my life.
    My best to you.
    …and I am Sid Harth@elcidharth.com

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